About Weather Graphics Technologies

Weather Graphics Technologies was born in July 1992, marketing a single radar analysis program called RadarScan. Some surface analysis capabilities were added, and in late 1992 it was renamed Weather Pro. The success of the project led to a full-fledged surface and radar analysis software program called WeatherGraphix, which is a solid package still being used to this very day.

With Microsoft Windows revolutionizing PC operating systems, we responded in 1996 by creating a Windows-based analysis program, similar to WeatherGraphix, called Digital Atmosphere. The program's code now fully capitalizes on 32-bit system architecture and represents our top-notch analysis package.

In 1997 and 1998 we added a line of additional products, including RAOB, Global Tracks, Surface Archives, Upper Archives, and Digital Chart of the World, and began building turnkey systems for the EMWIN datastream technology. We also opened up a toll-free line available 15 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Weather Graphics Technologies also offers weather forecasting services, severe weather targeting services, meteorology training, and related consulting work.

Offices. All programming, development, and support originates from Norman, Oklahoma. All shipping and mail correspondence is handled from our office in Garland, Texas.

Employment. Weather Graphics Technologies is not accepting employment applications. Unsolicited applications will be discarded.