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The SRCC TROPICAL DESK provides current tropical storm and hurricane outlooks, forecasts, storm tracks, and links to additional sources of information.

Active Storms

   KATRINA & TD-13

Tropical Desk

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The Atlantic hurricane season extends from June 1 through November 30
Tropical Desk Atlantic Basin Storms - Discussions, Outlooks, and Tracks
Real-Time reports from the National Hurricane Center and graphical products from the SRCC
Tropical Desk Satellite Images (High-speed internet access suggested)
Current satellite images from the LSU Earth Scan Laboratory
Tropical Desk Current Observations
Current weather and oceanic observations
Tropical Desk Additional Links
Links to additional tropical storm information
Tropical Desk Tropical Storm / Hurricane Season Forecast
The forecast for the current Hurricane Season as issued by Dr. William Gray of Colorado State University.
Tropical Desk Tropical Storm Names
Tropical Desk Archived storm reports
Report archives of past tropical storms/hurricanes.