Weather Forecasting and Consulting

Weather Graphics Technologies offers the impressive forecasting talent of owner Tim Vasquez for hire. Tim draws from 9 years of Air Force weather forecasting experience, 2 years of media forecasting experience (with KTXS-12 in Abilene and AFRTS in Korea), and 16 years of active storm chasing experience. Tim is also a columnist for Weatherwise magazine. During the spring months Tim operates the Chase Hotline, a pinpoint severe weather forecasting service which is responsible for delivering precision targets to chase tour operations valued at nearly $150,000, as well as ensuring consistent successes among dozens of individual storm chasers. To see extensive verbal and statistical support for the accuracy of this forecasting service, visit

Some of the specialized forecasts we have done in the past include:

  • Predicting 24-hour wind speeds at a wind turbine site in West Texas for a power company
  • Forecasting which days Southeast U.S. college football games would be rained out for an insurance agent
  • Predicting exact wind directions for a balloon festival in Colorado

    Delivery of forecasts is typically via E-mail or fax. You can choose a one-time forecast or a scheduled forecast. We do worldwide forecasting, and our rates are competitive, flexible, and perfect for a company on a limited budget.

    To find out what we can do for you, contact us . We look forward to serving you.

    Weather Graphics Technologies and its affiliates cannot be held liable by the client or any other party for the inaccuracy of any estimate or forecast, regardless of whether it can be shown that another forecast was better, and regardless of whether it can be shown that a different procedure could have or would have led to a better forecast. Weather Graphics Technologies will not accept any contract for any forecast for which the primary use is that of a gamble, lottery, bet, or wager.

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