Annotations tab


Highs and lows - Choose the alphabetical character that will be used to represent low pressure and high pressure areas.  Typically L is used for low pressure and H for high pressure, but this will vary in non-English countries.  The "Include value" option determines whether the pressure value (in millibars) will be plotted with the high or low.

Title - Allows a title, determined by the most recent meteorological field to be displayed, to be plotted on the workchart at the given position.

Credits - Allows a user-defined credit to be plotted on the workchart at the given position.



This option allows you to insert a logo on your workcharts.

Source filename - If entered, specifies the name of an image (GIF or JPEG).  Click on the "..." button to choose a file from a menu, or simply type in the name in the box provided.  Press Clear to disable logo use.

Position - Specify the location (top right, top left, bottom right, or bottom left) where you want the image on the workchart, and specify the offset in pixels on the X and Y axis.  Values of 0 place the logo flush with the corner of the workchart, while values of 10 to 20 will provide a buffer.