Edit analysis scripts

This opens up an editor that shows the script command assigned to each analysis option in the Analysis dropdown menu.  This simply edits the digatmos.mnu file.

For information on how to devise an analysis script command, see Appendix > Analysis Scripting .

Shown below is the default content that ships with Digital Atmosphere.  Note that some lines may wrap onto the next line in this Help Viewer; this should not be done in the actual file.


 Default contents of digatmos.mnu (Default analysis menu)

#  The Standard Version is limited to a maximum of 100 menu commands.
#  The Professional Version does not have any limits.
#  Do not create more than 20 main categories
#    %1 = Marks the sea-level pressure analysis for toolbar shortcut SLP
#    %2 = Marks the temperature (C) analysis for toolbar shortcut DEG C
#    %3 = Marks the temperature (F) analysis for toolbar shortcut DEG F
 Temperature (deg C) %2                |CONT CINT=2 COLOR=200:0:0 DASH TEMP
 Temperature (deg F) %3                |CONT CINT=5 COLOR=200:0:0 DASH DEGF TEMP
 Potential temperature (deg K)         |CONT CINT=1 COLOR=200:100:0 DOTS THTA
 Wind chill (deg F)                    |CONT CINT=5 COLOR=0:0:200 DOTS WCHL
 Wind chill (deg C)                    |CONT CINT=5 COLOR=0:0:200 DOTS DEGC WCHL
 Max temperature 6 h (deg F) %3        |CONT CINT=2 COLOR=200:0:0 DASH DEGF TX06
 Min temperature 6 h (deg F) %3        |CONT CINT=2 COLOR=200:0:0 DASH DEGF TN06
 Max temperature 24 h (deg F) %3       |CONT CINT=2 COLOR=200:0:0 DASH DEGF TX24
 Min temperature 24 h (deg F) %3       |CONT CINT=2 COLOR=200:0:0 DASH DEGF TN24
 Dewpoint (deg F)                      |CONT CINT=5 COLOR=0:150:0 DEGF DWPT
 Relative Humidity (%)                 |CONT CINT=5 COLOR=50:150:0 RELH
 Mixing Ratio (g/kg)                   |CONT CINT=1 COLOR=0:100:0 MIXR
 Theta-e (deg K)                       |CONT CINT=2 COLOR=0:50:150 THTE
 Heat Index (deg F)                    |CONT CINT=5 COLOR=0:0:50 HIDX
 Humidex (deg C)                       |CONT CINT=5 COLOR=0:0:50 HUMX
 Wet bulb temperature (deg C)          |CONT CINT=5 COLOR=0:50:50 BULB
 Colored dewpoint (deg F)              |CONT EQUA=60 COLOR=0:0:0 LINE=3 CONT GRTN=60 CINT=2 COLOR=0:0:200 LINE=1 CONT LSTN=60 CINT=2 COLOR=200:0:0 LINE=1 DEGF DWPT
 Sea level pressure (mb) %1            |HILO CONT CINT=5 LINE=5 SLPR
 Pressure (isentropic)                 |CONT DATA CINT=10 PRES
 Pressure tendency                     |CONT CINT=2 PTEN
 Altimeter setting (in Hg)             |HILO CONT CINT=0.05 ALST
 500 mb height (m)                     |cont cint=60 color=80:80:140 hght h500
 Height (m)                            |CONT HGHT
 Balanced height field (m)             |CONT LINE=3 CINT=60 COLOR=0:0:0 GHGT
 1000-500 mb thickness (m)             |CONT CINT=60 DASH COLOR=200:0:0 SDIF=1:2 STOR=2 HGHT H000 STOR=1 HGHT H500
 Wind speed (barbs) (kt)               |BKNT COLOR=0:0:200 WIND
 Wind speed (vectors)                  |VECT COLOR=0:0:200 WIND
 Streamlines                           |STRM WIND
 Wind speed (kt)                       |CONT COLOR=0:200:0 VKNT WSPD
 Wind shading (upper level) (kt)       |OVER FILL COLOR=200:100:200 FILS=0 GRTN=110 VKNT WSPD FILL COLOR=200:100:100 FILS=0 GRTN=90 VKNT WSPD FILL COLOR=200:200:100 FILS=0 GRTN=70 VKNT WSPD FILL COLOR=100:200:100 FILS=0 GRTN=50 VKNT WSPD
 Geostrophic wind (barbs)              |BARB GEOS SMTH GHGT
 Absolute vorticity                    |MXMN CONT LINE=2 CINT=2 COLOR=250:50:50 SMLC=1:100000 STOR=1 AVRT WIND
 Relative vorticity                    |MXMN CONT CINT=2 COLOR=250:50:50 SMLC=1:100000 STOR=1 RVRT WIND
 Abs vorticity of geos wind            |CONT CINT=2 DOTS COLOR=200:0:0 SMLC=1:100000 STOR=1 AVRT GEOS SMTH GHGT
 Divergence (10^-6 s)                  |CONT MXMN CINT=5 SMTH SMLC=1:1000000 STOR=1 DVRG SMTH WIND
 Temperature advection                 |CONT CINT=0.1 ADVT TEMP/WIND
Precipitation (inches)
 1 hr                                  |CONT CINT=0.05 MMIN PC01
 2 hr                                  |CONT CINT=0.05 MMIN PC02
 3 hr                                  |CONT CINT=0.05 MMIN PC03
 6 hr                                  |CONT CINT=0.05 MMIN PC06
 9 hr                                  |CONT CINT=0.05 MMIN PC09
 12 hr                                 |CONT CINT=0.05 MMIN PC12
 15 hr                                 |CONT CINT=0.05 MMIN PC15
 18 hr                                 |CONT CINT=0.05 MMIN PC18
 24 hr                                 |CONT CINT=1 PC24