Import directory

Digital Atmosphere is a tool that lets you create weather charts using current raw data. Therefore, the first thing you need is a tool to get raw data into Digital Atmosphere. We refer to this process as raw data import. Once you import data into Digital Atmosphere (via any of the possible methods explained below), the program will continue to work off that data until you perform another import. In other words, the data will still be in Digital Atmosphere if you exit out of the program and then run it again later, but once you perform a second import all the data from the first import will no longer be available.

Regardless of the mode that Digital Atmosphere is in (scheduled or manual), this command imports all files contained in the directory listed on the File, Preferences General tab under "Data directory". The data files should consist of text bulletins containing METAR, synoptic, SAO, FD winds aloft, buoy reports, or rawinsonde

data. After the data is imported, it can then be plotted or analyzed. This is the command you should use if you want to look view data from several files at the same time.

If you use the Internet, you can avoid all use of "Import" by using "Internet", "Retrieve Data". Digital Atmosphere will get data from the Internet and import it automatically when it's finished.

If you need more detailed information, consult the Appendix for technical information on data import.

WARNING: Never import a directory containing binary files, programs, or over 100 files. The results may be unpredictable.