Map attribute file structure

(For technically inclined users only)

This file, ending with the file extension *.ATR, is associated with each map which is saved to disk.

The attribute file is structured as follows:

Number   Purpose

real    Central latitude (degrees)
real    Central longitude (degrees)

real   Zoom setting (3963/z where z=map width in miles)

integer Not used

integer Not used

integer  Not used

integer Not used

integer  Map height (pixels)

integer Map width (pixels)

integer  Offset x direction (pixels)

integer Offset y direction (pixels

Real types have the range 2.9 x 10-39 .. 1.7 x 1038 with 11-12 significant bits and a length of 6 bytes.
Integer types have the range -2147483648..2147483647 and are signed 32-bit (4 byte) little endian.