Using exported analysis grids

Support for output of the chart legends in another language can be obtained by editing the language.txt file in the Digital Atmosphere directory.  Simply create a new section header at the end of the file like:


Then set the language by editing the Language= line at the top:


This tells Digital Atmosphere to only read sections following a [DANSK] block and ignore the rest of the file.  You can have as many different sections and section headers as you like in the file.

To add the foreign language entries, copy all of the information in the English section and paste it below the new language header, then in the "Display as" column write the items as you wish them to be displayed.  It is not necessary to edit items under "Name (not used in Dig Atm)" but you may edit the entries to make the file more readable for you.

If you do not intend to use Digital Atmosphere in English you may simply overwrite the English section with your own entries.

Note that there is no support for Unicode at this time (thus Cyrillic and other fonts cannot be plotted).

To change the language of the analysis options under "Analysis" you may edit the digatmos.mnu file directly.  There is currently no support for displaying the main menu in other languages.