Field and product codes



Product codes
Representing a set of data (a product).

pla ACARS plots
plf Standard data plots
plc Custom data plot

tdy Television-style data plots

rad Radar plots

sf0 Europe sferics (0 hr)

sf6 Europe sferics (6 hr)

wgr Wind grid

Field codes
Representing a single quantity; usually a scalar value.

tmf Temperature (deg F)

tmc Temperature (deg C)

pot Potential temperature (deg K)

wcx Wind chill factor

hix Heat index

dwf Dewpoint (deg F)

dwc Dewpoint (deg C)

rhu Relative humidity

mxr Mixing ratio

eqp Equivalent potential temperature (theta-e)

slp Sea level pressure

alt Altimeter setting (QNH)

wsp Wind speed

cig Ceiling

hgt Geopotential height

thk Thickness (1000-500 mb)

wrx Warning overlays

p01 1-hour precipitation

p06 6-hour precipitation

p12 12-hour precipitation

p18 18-hour precipitation

p24 24-hour precipitation

rst RCM radar storm centroids

rhl RCM radar hail signatures

rms RCM centroid movement and speed

rtv RCM tornado TVS signature

reh RCM echo height signatures

rem RCM echo movement

wxp ASUS1 KWBC frontal depiction bulletin

ste Sea surface temperature

pdw Wave period

htw Wave height

hti Wave instrument-measured height

pdd Wind wave period

htd Wind wave height

di1 Primary swell direction

di2 Secondary swell direction

pd1 Primary swell period

ht1 Primary swell height

pd2 Secondary swell period

ht2 Secondary swell height

cig MVFR/IFR weather

dy1 SPC Convective Outlook Day 1

dy2 SPC Convective Outlook Day 2

06k Surface-6000 ft shear [not completed]

lcl Lifted condensation level [not completed]

be+ CAPE [not completed]

be- CIN [not completed]

cxx [not used]

hux [not used]

iht [not used]

zb+ [not used]

prt [not used]




Radar product codes

All ranges 128 nm unless otherwise noted

Base reflectivity
BREF1  Base reflectivity 0.5 deg
BREF2  Base reflectivity 1.5 deg
BREF3  Base reflectivity 2.4 deg
BREF4  Base reflectivity 3.4 deg
BR248  Base reflectivity 0.5 deg (248 nm)

Base velocity
BV32   Base velocity 0.5 deg (32 nm)
BVEL1  Base velocity 0.5 deg
BVEL2  Base velocity 1.5 deg
BVEL3  Base velocity 2.4 deg
BVEL4  Base velocity 3.4 deg

Base spectrum width
SW     Spectrum width
SW32   Spectrum width (32 nm)

Derived products
CR     Composite reflectivity
CR248  Composite reflectivity (248 nm)
ET     Echo tops
SWP    Severe weather probability
VIL    Vertically integrated liquid
STI    Storm tracking
H      Hail detection
TVS    Tornado vortex signature
M      Mesocyclone
OHP    One-hour precipitation
THP    Three-hour precipitation
STP    Storm total precipitation
SRMV1  Storm relative velocity 0.5 deg
SRMV2  Storm relative velocity 1.5 deg
SRMV3  Storm relative velocity 2.4 deg
SRMV4  Storm relative velocity 3.4 deg
CFC    Clutter filter