Recompile tables

This option is used to recompile station listings from scratch. Most users don't need to use this command since compiled tables are already provided with Digital Atmosphere. It is used only when you change the station listings in DIGATMOS.STN and you want these changes to be enabled.

To modify DIGATMOS.STN, you'll need a standard text editor (such as MS-DOS EDIT). Always be absolutely sure that you save it as a ASCII (text) file or you will corrupt your installed copy. When you have finished your changes, you can use File > Recompile Tables at any time to regenerate the internal listings. It takes about 5 minutes (the sorting algorithm is a demanding operation). Once the procedure is finished, Digital Atmosphere will make use of the new changes.

You may Recompile Tables as many times as you wish.

SPECIAL NOTE: Effective with Digital Atmosphere Original V2.2 (released in 1998), a new station table format was being used, which contains changes in columns and data fields. Never try to import older DIGATMOS.STN formats, as you will corrupt your installed copy.