The Help > Register dialog allows a user to "unlock" an unregistered version of Digital Atmosphere. It usually only needs to be done once. The trial version will be converted to a fully registered version, even if it has already expired.

A key number is only available from Weather Graphics Technologies, and can be given only in accordance with our . Furthermore, the key number can be computed only if the serial number is provided. The serial number is unique to each computer, and we can't predict what it will be. If you don't supply it, there will be a delay because we will have to ask you for it.

For most users, the unlocking procedure only needs to be done once. However if your company or organization specifically needs a pre-unlocked version of Digital Atmosphere (without the serial/key procedure), we offer Digital Atmosphere 2000 Professional Version. It is supplied on CD-ROM. Click the registration guidelines link above for more info.

If you have any questions, please E-mail the address shown at our contact page at or call us at toll-free (800) 840-6280. Thanks!