Save basemap

Saves the workchart for future access within Digital Atmosphere. This also saves any markings, annotations, weather data, and contours that are on the map already as a permanent part of the map, so if you intend to load this map later without any weather data, you'll need to use the Erase Map command to get rid of the data before you save it. If you want to save the map for your projects, presentations, and so forth in one of several graphics formats, you should instead use Map > .

An important consideration is that only Windows bitmap (BMP) files can be saved, and they are rather large. File sizes can range anywhere from 300 to 700K in 8-bit color mode to several megs in 24-bit color mode. Avoid saving too many unless you have plenty of disk space. If you're using on-the-fly disk compression (such as Stacker, DoubleSpace, DriveSpace, etc), these images will take up about 80% less disk space than they do when uncompressed.

Save Map produces one image file (a Windows bitmap, *.BMP) and a very small map attribute file (*.DMF). The DMF file is necessary to load the map into Digital Atmosphere and should stay in the same directory as the DMF file. Advanced users can learn more about DMF files with in the Appendix. Once the *.BMP file is saved, you are free to use any graphics editor to tweak or annotate the image. Note that you must re-save it as the same type of graphics format it was in (a BMP with a color depth of 24 bits), or Digital Atmosphere will produce an error message when it attempts to load the image.