Standard and Professional versions

For quite some time we have needed to raise prices significantly to cover the costs of development. Digital Atmosphere has been fixed at $68 since 1996 and its features greatly eclipse what was available then. However we also recognize the need to provide an economical version of Digital Atmosphere. Therefore we provide a Standard and a Professional version.

Here are the differences between the two versions.


 Standard version

Maps: Limited to vector-mapped workcharts (same as in previous versions of Digital Atmosphere). New York City aeronautical coverage only.
Menu scripts
: Limited to a maximum of 30 dynamic scripts in your menu.
: We send you a key for the program to work beyond 30 days.


 Professional version

Maps: Includes CD packed with 4 scales of aeronautical-grade raster basemap charts (5 for south central US) - excellent for radar tracking!
Menu scripts
: Unlimited scripts in your menu.
: No key is required. Ideal for industrial and government use. Can be moved from machine to machine.