Status box


This panel shows all status messages displayed by Digital Atmosphere while it is in operation.  When Digital Atmosphere first starts, it reports the version number, the Windows version, and the amount of virtual memory available and in use. The box periodically clears itself to conserve memory.

To clipboard - Copies the contents of the Status Box to the clipboard.

Show Memory Use - If enabled, Digital Atmosphere will report the available memory after each user interaction.  This is useful for tracking rare occurrences of memory leaks, which in Windows 2000 and XP will manifest itself in the form of degraded performance over time and increased hard disk access.  Generally this number will fluctuate, but if there is an overall downward trend, this may indicate a problem.  Digital Atmosphere consults the system statistics through GlobalMemoryStatus WinAPI calls, using the formula M = dwTotalPhys - dwAvailPhys.