Styles tab

With Digital Atmosphere you are not stuck having to use one set of map colors, line styles, and fonts for everything. Obviously when you want to use a different color set, this means spending a lot of time making tedious changes. Digital Atmosphere allows you to manage sets of colors, fonts, and line settings. These sets are known as styles. A style is identified by a plaintext name and a filename (all styles are stored in the \styles directory under Digital Atmosphere, without exception). To change the color settings, use the Preferences > Styles panel. Advanced users may edit the files directly; this will not hurt anything if a plaintext editor such as Notepad or MS-DOS Edit is used.



Listed here are the various codes that appear in the edit window. Above all, be sure you pick Save when you are done, or your changes will be discarded!



At some point you may not be happy with just editing the default styles. When you want to create a new style, click the New... button. You will see a panel like this.


Clever use of styles can allow for interesting maps like this one.