Table plots

Plots weather data from tables generated by third-party sources. Various weather agencies, such as the Australian weather service, generate lists of rainfall and temperature data. Digital Atmosphere has the capability to import these based on the settings in the table template file (DIGATMOS.TPL in your Digital Atmosphere directory). A list of valid data types will be shown only if the most recent import operation has found data defined in the template file .

In the data file itself, any table containing weather data should have each line of data corresponding to a geographical point, and must have a latitude, longitude, and anywhere from 1 to 50 data values for that point.

Template file entries

#DEF starts the definition of a table. Give the table a name in T1; this name is used for display purposes.

#LEG defines a line that can be used as a legend for the table (such as a line that contains a date or valid time). Specify a keyword that is to be located on the line. When encountered, it will be used in legends

#FLG is a scrap of text which, when encountered during importing, tells Digital Atmosphere that it is about to encounter a table. This flag must be encountered before any data can be imported. Specify the scrap of text in T1.

#BEG is a scrap of text which, when encountered during importing, tells Digital Atmosphere that a data table is starting right now. Put the scrap in T1, and define the column where it must be seen in V1 and the length of the scrap in V2. Data import always ends on an empty line.

#DAT is specified for each data element that appears on a line. Give the field a name in T1 (this is used only for display purposes). Define the beginning column of the data in V1 and the length of the data in V2.

#MIS specifies characters that are used to denote missing data.

#LAT specifies where the latitude (decimal only) is found. Put the column start position in V1 and the field length in V2.

#LON is similar to #LAT but for longitude.


#DEF - - Australian rainfall data

#LEG - - Observations

#FLG - - IDCLRD00001

#BEG 66 2 :-

#MIS - - +

#LAT 67 6

#LON 60 6

#DAT 1 10 Date

#DAT 12 6 Stn_num

#DAT 23 40 Name

#DAT 81 5 Precipitation_mm

#DAT 87 1 PP

#DAT 89 1 DC

#DAT 91 1 OF