Television plots

Plots large-font displays of temperatures. The word "television" does not mean that they are for television use, but rather that the temperatures are displayed in a format that looks a lot like that seen on TV.

Very important! Before you can use this option successfully, you will need to configure the DIGATMOS.PLL file correctly with any text editor (such as Windows Notepad).

DIGATMOS.PLL is in your Digital Atmosphere directory. The structure is as follows, where the first column is the ICAO identifier (for METAR data) and the second column is the WMO station identifier (for SYNOP data). The third column is the name of the station (city) as it should appear on your weather map.

KORD 72530 Chicago
KSEA 72793 Seattle
KSFO 72494 San Francisco
KLAX 72295 Los Angeles
KBOI 72681 Boise
KABQ 72365 Albuquerque

The font used by this plot type is specified in the style definition for your workchart.