Using exported analysis grids

Whenever an Analysis is performed on any data (scalar, isoplethed fields only), Digital Atmosphere always exports its output to GRID.TXT. The output can then be imported into spreadsheets or analyzed further by other methods.

The output consists of 900 points (30 by 30) representing the value at each point of X and Y in the geographic area shown in the workchart window. The X-axis is left-right in the window, pointing right, while the Y-axis is up-down in the window, pointing down. This means that the highest values of X and Y are found east and south, respectively. The latitude/longitude of each X and Y point in decimal format is shown, followed by the analyzed value at that point.

Here is a sample of output from GRID.TXT.

0  0  42.435   -107.721  1012.79998779

0  1  42.471   -107.141  1012.84558105

0  2  42.505   -106.560  1012.92547607

0  3  42.537   -105.979  1013.08880615