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Latest New Wx Reporting Sites

Part of keeping accurate forecasting and climate records is having proper metadata. Discuss stations and ICAO and WMO identifier changes here.

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Latest New Wx Reporting Sites

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K4V1 - Walsenburg US CO

KE42 - Spearman US TX

KT89 - Lajitas US TX

KU52 - Beaver US UT

VOGB - Gulbarga IN

no longer sending METARs:
KVBS - Sabine Pass 13B US LA (AWOS decommissioned)

16217 - Orte IT ... 00-0-16217

16532 - Monte Limbara IT ... ugar=16532

42283 - unknown IN
42964 - unknown IN
42972 - unknown IN
43045 - unknown IN
43102 - unknown IN

89667 - Pegasus North AQ ... 00-0-89667

94660 - Mount Ive AU ... 00-0-94660

94758 - Murrurundi AU ... 4758.shtml

MBNN6 - Masonboro Island US NC ... tion=mbnn7

SXXA2 - Saxman Landing US AK ... tion=sxxa2

42092- Aransas Pass Channel Entrance S US TX ... tion=42092

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Re: Latest New Wx Reporting Sites

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Thank you Boris. Appreciate all the updates... this is solid information.
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