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Latest New Wx Reporting Sites

Part of keeping accurate forecasting and climate records is having proper metadata. Discuss stations and ICAO and WMO identifier changes here.

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Latest New Wx Reporting Sites

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AGGA - Auki/Gwaunaru'u SB

BIHU - Húsavík IS

BIGJ - Gjögur IS

BIGR - Grímsey IS

BITN - Thorshofn IS ... fn_Airport

BIVO - Vopnafjörður IS ... ur_Airport

CBAR - Nicholson Peninsula CA NT ... 24___52711
also now sends SYNOPs: 73230

CLAB - Big Bay CA NL ... 37___45649
also now sends SYNOPs: 73234

CPIN - Bernard Habour CA NU ... 41___10210
also now sends SYNOPs: 73231

K35A - Union US SC

KVVS - Connellsville US PA

MYEM - Governor's Harbor BS ... ur_Airport

NFNS - Savusavu FJ

UGMS - Mesita GE

VIKG - Kishangarh IN

WAKK - Merauke ID ... al_Airport

WIDN - Tanjungpinang ID ... al_Airport

METAR site ID changes:
K7S1 to KRVF - Twin Bridges US MT
HSSS to HSSK - Khartoum SD

RAOBs ended (4/1/21):
74494 KCHH - Chatham US MA

43048 - unknown IN

73007 - Kitimat Forest CA BC
54:03N 128:38W 109m

73013 - Fort Selkirk CA YT
62:50N 137:18W 442m

73028 - Saanichton CA BC
48:37N 128:26W 61m

73072 - Thompson CA MB ... 02___40906

73085 - High Level CA AB ... 12___06926

73104 - Roma CA AB ... 28___26325

73105 - Saint-Camille-De-Lellis CA QC ... 46___06772

73115 - Nantes CA QC
45:36N 70:55W 477m

73120 - Goose Bay/Happy Valley CA NL ... 48___08682

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