RELEASE: Digital Atmosphere Workstation patch 1.0c

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Tim Vasquez
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RELEASE: Digital Atmosphere Workstation patch 1.0c

Post by Tim Vasquez »

Here is tonight's patch: (1.0 MB)

This is all I could get done tonight; more will be done
tomorrow and over the weekend. Once we get all the bugs
fixed I will write this into a final official release.

This 1.0c patch solves:
- Major major changes to style tables. This will overwrite
your existing tables. They have been reformatted to remove
contour settings, which was confusing as the contour
module gets this info from digatmos.mnu or manual graphics
commands using the Analysis script language (see Help
- Convective outlooks partially restored; I see a few funky
line positions; it is a parsing error and I'll work on it some more.
- Fixed Radar > Load From File, which was incorrectly
loading the last Internet radar product received.
- Fixed VECT and BARB wind grid analysis items so that
they would use the COLOR= contour setting.
- Raised limit of digatmos.mnu entries to 50 in the
basic version.
- Removed RichEdit components; this should solve the
startup problem for the people who were having trouble.
- Translucency algorithms will now work on dark maps.
Best results are when your basemap is either very
bright or very dark. In between you'll get mixed
results. Digital Atmosphere looks at your 'bas'
background color in your Style file and calcualates
the avg luminosity to figure whether to use the
light algorithm or dark algorithm for translucency.
- Export > Graph now works. Before this it only
was supporting GIF saves. JPG and BMP restored.
- Scheduler sferics products are sf0 and sf6 for those
who want to write them into a scheduler script.
- Digatmos.pr5 has been added to geography tables;
was missing in official release.

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