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Digital Atmosphere - Equinox V1.00 released

Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2007 12:06 am
by Tim Vasquez
Time has been extremely short lately but I have closed out the Fusion beta testing program and am releasing the latest version today (January 1, 2007) under the Equinox name.

Digital Atmosphere - Equinox V1.00

Only a small portion of all the suggestions have been included so far. Please don't get riled up if your particular issue is not fixed. Work will continue. It does take hours to do fixes on each issue, and there is a finite amount of time I have had available. My compiler shows that Digital Atmosphere Equinox clocks in at 149,573 lines of code (about 2.5 MB of source code). That definitely ranks as a large software project and is why I can't rush changes through.

I am locking the Testing Forum since I have taken the software off the beta track. Discussion may continue here.

Here's what's in Equinox V1.00 compared to the last Fusion that was released.


* SIGNIFICANT UPDATES IN THE HELP MANUAL (pull it up in the Help menu). A lot of time is being spent updating the help, esp. in the Appendix.

* Help files converted from WinHelp to CHM to ensure compatibility with Vista. This removes dependencies on Winhlp32.exe. (12/22/06)

* Fixed much of legend labelling; rewriting this to be displayed in AWIPS format.

* Fixed analysis labels to provide correct centering of individual labels and correct coloring. (12/27/06)

* Fixed problem with Canadian radar data import. Canada made some changes sometime in November 2006. This required some structural changes and a small change to the digatmos.rdy file. Part of this was to allow users to explicitly define the image type, since Canada's radar imagery was a GIF file but was actually a PNG object. (12/28/06)

* Support is added for NCEP high-res front bulletins. These are provided at and described at ... l_hr.shtml . With these new bulletins, frontal positions are located to the nearest tenth of a degree (6 nm resolution) rather than nearest whole degree (60 nm). There is no need to use the older format. (12/29/06)

* Fixed Error 103 problem with GRIB import caused when certain data is not found in a file. This was caused by incorrect file handling. (12/29/06)

* Added support for public ECMWF data by making appropriate entries in digatmos.grd. Also introduced support for scaling of units based on digatmos.grd entries.

* Enabled support for Preferences > Maps > Label Graticule. (12/29/06)

* Fixed incorrect symbol type used for thunderstorms in METAR reports. Digital Atmosphere was mapping TSRA, TSSN, TSGR, etc to the ww code 91-94 sections rather than 95-99. This has been fixed. (12/29/06)

* Added thread processing command to code just before FTP uploads to allow system to catch up. This was resulting in null FTP uploads. (12/29/06)

* Enabled "check for updates" module to compare program version number with production version number on website and ask user once whether they want to update. (12/29/06)

* Added import of MADIS data direct from FSL (NOAA). This is included in a new Internet Retrieval resource list.

* Improved Internet Retrieval system to stream downloads into individual files, so binary files (like MADIS and future GRIB/BUFR) can be properly handled. Files are captured under different names in /data and are processed out to the Digital Atmosphere home directory under obs.asc, obs.bin, and nids.bin. The obs.*, nids.*, and madis.000 files are deleted before each new download. This also allows better management of content inside /data directory. (12/30/06-12/31/06)

* Added pointer URL search function in Internet > Retrieve. This was necessitated by the way SPC carries convective outlooks, and the fact that no static pages for this product exists. In Internet > Retrieve, URLs with a space in the middle are handled as pointer URLs. See the Internet > Retrieve help for more information. (12/30/06)

* Fixed convective outlook plotting. Changes in entire bulletin format prevented the plotting routine from working. (12/30/06)


Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2007 1:06 am
by wxforecaster
I take it we will tell you about the bugs here or another thread.

Thanks for the update. It looks like you are trying to gear more towards GRIB scripting which is great and will be a great help to everyone in the forecasting world come March!

One thing that i did find which is sort of odd. I did e-mail you about my problem and it looks like it is ALMOST fixed. The reason why i say almost is because the OVER FILL command looks like it work very well! Great job. The problem now looks like it is still calling up the WRONG Map. In my script i call up a map (any DMF file in a SCRIPT) and it brings up the map but then immediately goes on with the script and it uses the DEFAULT workchart(map) no matter what! This is what it looks like:

Those overfill plots are supposed to be plotted on this map:

But the result is of course this:

As you can see it uses the DEFAULT map which comes with the new version. If you need to look at the script i can send it to you via e-mail but yet again i dont know if you tried to correct this problem yet.... it could be in a future release maybe.

Thanks for your help,

Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2007 4:20 am
by Tim Vasquez
This will be highest priority, since it's something that is hosed up from the previous version.


Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2007 5:08 am
by Weasel
Installer problem....

For some reason the installer isn't creating the program group shortcut in the start/all programs list.

The program does, however, install in the folder it is supposed to and the executable loads fine from there.

Edit: It installed over top of the program group for Dig Atm 2000 in the program list. I don't know what the uninstaller would do (probably delete 2000). The registration word doc in the group applies to Dig Atm 2000 on my computer, unless $68 is the price of Equinox :)

Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2007 9:30 pm
by Tim Vasquez
Jon - I will need your script to solve the problem.


Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2007 10:10 pm
by wxforecaster
TimVasquez wrote:Jon - I will need your script to solve the problem.

Ok. I will send you all the files via E-mail when i get home from work!

Thanks for your help,

Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2007 12:20 am
by Weasel
I just tried downloading some data using the latest patch.... nothing!

For some reason the software isn't downloading any data.

Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2007 2:31 am
by Tim Vasquez

Digital Atmosphere Equinox v1.02

Emergency patch for nonfunctional Internet Retrieve in V1.01.

By the way, here is what is new in these version:

* When all workcharts are closed and then new ones are created, there is now proper handling of the workchart and its background map. The user no longer gets an empty frame.

* Added ability to auto-retrieve historical (past 1-2 weeks) radar images based on date-time selection from Radar > Set Date-Time and presence of an archival source in the digatmos.rad resource file (one is included). If these are selected then choosing a radar product will cause historical data to be accessed via the Internet. This is slightly slow because the data directory will have to be analyzed to find the closest matching file time.

* Password security has been introduced on scripting and internet resource URLs. This allows you to devise your scripts so that they can be traded without compromising login information, and so that they execute onscreen without being insecure. They can be used for not only passwords, but account names, server names, and so forth. Your list of sensitive data must be maintained in DIGATMOS.PWD. On each line, write token=value where token is a name created by you and value is the actual value to be substituted. When %%token %% (your token word surrounded by double-percent signs) is found in a URL, it is replaced with the equivalent value that you defined. Digital Atmosphere will display the %%token %% marker, so don't name tokens with sensitive information.


Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2007 2:43 am
by wiscwxtech
Composite reflectivity mapping is still incorrect...

Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2007 2:59 am
by wxforecaster
Just want to make sure you received the e-mail with the script and files for you to look over for the OVERFILL workchart problem!