DAWS "observations"

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DAWS "observations"

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Good work thus far. DAWS is shaping up nicely. Some "first impressions" that are in no particular order of importance. You may already be aware of these, but here they are anyway...I'm referring to V1.0c btw.

1. "Data Plot Crowding" always defaults to 80% instead of "remembering" its last setting.
2. All analysis algorithms other than "nearest neighbor" appear to be inoperable.
3. Buoy data is not plotting when downloaded with Metar data. Separately downloaded, it does. BTW, is this data used at all in the contouring routines?
4. US county outlines overwrite state boundaries. Should be the other way around, perhaps?
5. Highs and Lows are not plotting with the surface pressure fields. This could be "operator error", but in any event, I can't get them to show up.
6. The "status" checkmark seems to be fixed in the "checked" position.
7. Need to enable Scrollbar Tracking! nag nag nag
8. The GRIB module imports the data but nothing will plot.
9. Lakes are not filling in with color.
10. Lastly, do you have any idea if the Nexrad Level III data now available is here to stay? I would hate to see it disappear in light of how nicely you've incorporated it into DAWS.

Keep up the great work.

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