Observations about DAWS

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Observations about DAWS

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Hi Tim,

First of all, this is a great program! Almost all the data you could want is accessible in this one place. Here are some problems and observations with DAWS 1.0c:

At times, DAWS will come up with a range check error or other errors after data has been retrieved and it finishes decoding the data. When this happens, I may as well not have loaded any data at all since the program can't access it. Usually, restarting DAWS does the trick, and you can load data without any glitches.

Unlike others on this forum, the analysis options work fine for me.

I can't access many of the radar options like 1 and 3 hour precipitation estimates since after they are loaded, DAWS comes up with a "read beyond end of file" error.

I can't plot soundings from individual stations, but I'm assuming that this feature hasn't been added yet.

Whenever I try to retrieve FOUS data, the websites don't seem to respond.

The print option doesn't seem to work. I tried to print out a map of front positions and sea-level pressure, and the printer simply fed out a blank page.

Finally, I'm a little disappointed with the absolutely incredible size of GRIB files. One forecast period is usually between 8 and 8.5 MB long and takes a very long time to download on a regular dial-up connection. This obviously is no fault of your own, but man! I wish they were in smaller increments!

Regards to everyone!

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