Right Click - Recenter (Updated 01-27-07)

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Right Click - Recenter (Updated 01-27-07)

Post by pvenlet »

I've seen this mentioned in passing through the forum, but have not seen a conclusive answer as to why the right click to recenter the maps function, as described in the manual, is not functioning, nor did I see it listed in the FAQ section or listed as a known bug. Is there a fix for this? Did I overlook something in the forums, preferences or install?

Thanks in advance!


UPDATE: I've seen that several have viewed this topic and I am curious if this feature is active and if I have an isoloated incident or if this is widespread among all users.

As for details, if needed, I am running Windows XP SP2 on a Toshiba Satellite M55 series, 1GB ram, 1.6Ghz. I did the standard install and registered the software and the right click feature to recenter was not active. Possibly thought it was an install problem, uninstalled and re-installed with the same result.

As an aside, I want to thank all who have posted some excellant scripts for the program...Well done! If there others out there with more, I would encourage you to post them. Not only are they nice to see but provide excellant material for learning the scripting process.

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Post by Jonathan »

I'm also having this problem. When I right click the mouse on the map, there is no context menu and nothing happens.

I'm running Equinox 1.05 in evaluation mode (59 days remaining) under Windows XP.

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Right Click - Recenter

Post by Peter »

I thought it was just me and or my setup.
DAWS Pro works fine and recentres the map without problems but Equinox Pro right click on the map doesn't do anything.

Is this just affecting a handful of computers or is it general?
Has Tim been informed?

Regards Peter

Dave Exton
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Post by Dave Exton »

Hi Peter,
Suspect this is a universal problem. Affects me as well.

Dave Exton.

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Post by Weasel »

This was mentioned back in the beta days of Equinox - it got zapped in a patch at one time or other. It's been a prob for everybody for quite a long time.


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Post by joe dorn »

Add me to the list of people trying to recenter the maps to no avail...

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