RELEASE: Digital Atmosphere Workstation V1.0d patch

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Tim Vasquez
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RELEASE: Digital Atmosphere Workstation V1.0d patch

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Here is tonight's patch (Version 1.0d): (1.0 MB)

This is everything I've managed to fix today. More patches will be released in the days ahead until we have a stable build. I am noting everyone's comments, requests, and concerns and working them in. Please continue to report bugs and problems. Please withhold luxury-type and "nice to have" items for the time being as I have to concentrate on the more important problems.

An important note: always include full details, including the version number (at the very top of the screen) and full details of what the error looked like and what led up to it (screen shots are sometimes helpful). It is frustrating when I get very short error descriptions and no indication what version is being used, and since my replies are sometimes not answered I often find it more productive to concentrate on other problems being reported by users in greater detail.

Tim Vasquez


Version 1.0d
- Slight fix in time zone conversions which may help those who have reported no UTC/LST conversion on their computer. If this fixes it, great and let me know. If this doesn't fix it, go to File > Preferences > Misc and in the bottom right you'll see a diagnostic panel. Just hit the Go button, copy the contents that appear (put the cursor on the text and use Ctrl+C to capture), then send this to me or post it.
- Convective outlooks are fixed. There may not be compatibility with older bulletins, but at the moment other items have priority. Also note the digatmos.ccc color file has been deprecated and all colors are now set in the style files.
- County outlines are now followed up with state borders, as in older versions.
- Script commands are now largely fixed, including LOAD, SAVE, ERASE, etc. They have not been tested and may need further work.
- Style files and the master template are being replaced once again to add parameters for the convective outlooks. If you've made changes to your style files, make a backup or create a style file with a different name.
- Analysis methods are now enabled (Weighted, Cressman, Barnes). The Preferences > Analysis panel specifies which are the default methods, however you may override them in a graphics script using ANLN, ANLW, ANLC, or ANLB (see revised help file).
- Slightly updated help file is enclosed. New changes are in red. Changes this time are mostly in the Graphics Script command listings.
- The %1 URL problem has not been fixed as only one person has E-mailed me their site.lst file after receiving the error (if you sent it yesterday I may not have received it due to an E-mail crash). It has to be sent to me as an E-mail attachment otherwise formatting will get lost. Some of you have advocated changing URLs to make it work, but this does not solve the underlying problem, if one still exists.

This patch incorporates the work of earlier patches, which includes:

Version 1.0c
- Major major changes to style tables. This will overwrite your existing tables. They have been reformatted to remove contour settings, which was confusing as the contour module gets this info from digatmos.mnu or manual graphics commands using the Analysis script language (see Help Appendix).
- Convective outlooks partially restored; I see a few funky line positions; it is a parsing error and I'll work on it some more.
- Fixed Radar > Load From File, which was incorrectly loading the last Internet radar product received.
- Fixed VECT and BARB wind grid analysis items so that they would use the COLOR= contour setting.
- Raised limit of digatmos.mnu entries to 50 in the basic version.
- Removed RichEdit components; this should solve the startup problem for the people who were having trouble.
- Translucency algorithms will now work on dark maps. Best results are when your basemap is either very bright or very dark. In between you'll get mixed results. Digital Atmosphere looks at your 'bas' background color in your Style file and calcualates the avg luminosity to figure whether to use the light algorithm or dark algorithm for translucency.
- Export > Graph now works. Before this it only was supporting GIF saves. JPG and BMP restored.
- Scheduler sferics products are sf0 and sf6 for those who want to write them into a scheduler script.
- Digatmos.pr5 has been added to geography tables; was missing in official release.

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