Charged for item and never received!

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Charged for item and never received!

Post by vawxman99 »

I am having a problem with this company. I was charged for an item in early July, and to date have neiither received the item ordered, or any response from Weather Graphics, even though I sent a message on this issue over a week ago. Is there any sort of problem with the company or its management that I need to know about before I take action to recoup the charge?

J Veneziano

Wally Mayo
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Post by Wally Mayo »

Did you really contact as directed by:

"If you use the official email message method provided at , you WILL receive personal support as usual in about 1 to 4 days"

And ... as far as inquiring about any "problem," be sure to catch up by reading the sticky message near the top of topics.

I've always gotten quick response (within a day or two).

Signed - another VA wx man at the other side of the state

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Post by kinetic »

As Wally said read the sticky. Some of us have been down the road Tim is on and we wish him all the best in getting it behind him.

Stefan Lichius
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Joe`s problem

Post by Stefan Lichius »

Hi all,

J Veneziano successfully contacted Tim a couple of days
ago and the matter has been sorted out.

Tim + Stefan

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