Recent radar problems

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Recent radar problems

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I've had several users report problems displaying radar products recently. The majority, if not all, of these are probably a result of recent changes and problems with COD's web site, which is what Digital Atmosphere uses by default to download radar data. Here is a message from Tim about this, along with directions on how to change the radar source in Digital Atmosphere:
Here is the situation as best as I can tell.

Sometime in the past week or two, College of DuPage deleted
their radar directory from their server. Unfortunately this is
what Digital Atmosphere uses by default for radar plotting.
I do not know the circumstances, but I do know their weather
server has gone haywire and even their regular public website
products are not accessible.

To fix this, choose another radar source. Go to File > Preferences
and in the General tab, pick Radar Color Settings > Preferred
Radar Source override > NOAA Weather Server. Check "Save
as Default", then close the preferences box. This change will
be permanent for your software. If College of DuPage fixes
their server, you can always change it back.

We'll make some changes in the next version to switch the
default radar source.

If you continue to have problems, or need more info, please let me know.


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COD is back up it seems but the links have changed! Don't know where to get the "data".

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