FONT ISSUE thread -- DA V2.00 and later

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Tim Vasquez
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FONT ISSUE thread -- DA V2.00 and later

Post by Tim Vasquez »

For most of us, the TrueType meteorological fonts (present weather, cloud type, and pressure tendency) are working fine. However, a few users have reported problems, so we're back to the drawing board to figure out what's going on.

One thing we did to fix the problem is in Equinox V1.51 beta (21 Feb 09) we forced Digital Atmosphere installer to only work under an admin account, since Vista requires admin rights to install the meteorological font. This also complies with Microsoft's view that any installation has to be done by an admin anyway.

One or two people said the fonts are still not working. So here's some tings to try:

1. First, check that you really are using Digital Atmosphere 2.00 and not an older version. Check the top of the Digital Atmosphere window or Help > About to see the version number.

2. Do a Data > Retrieve of Synoptic data, plot them, and look for any evidence of station circles, cloud symbols, weather symbols, and so forth. If you see some, then a lack of pressure tendency, etc, would be a data issue, not a font issue.


3. If there is a font issue, go into Windows Wordpad (Programs > Accessories > Wordpad) and change the font to Weather Symbols, and increase the font size to 48 so you can see the text better. Then type "the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog's back" (lowercase). You should see a bunch of present weather symbols (thunderstorm, sandstorm, fog, etc). Try that and we'll go from there.

4. If you see something else appear, then go into your Control Panel (you'll probably need to be an admin) and remove the WeatherSymbols font. Then install Digital Atmosphere 2.00 again in hopes that the proper rights get assigned to the font.


Tim Vasquez
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Post by Tim Vasquez »

(bumped thread for admin purposes)

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Post by lrdheat »

Thanks for 2.0!

Can't get Quality Control to hangs up...requires a lot of effort to exit from the program hanging up.


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DA2.00 Quality Control function

Post by Peter »

Having the same problem here after installing DA 2.00 Pro.
The Quality Control function freezes the program

Tried uninstalling then reinstalling but to no avail, problem persists.
All other functions work well except Quality Control using the dedicated toolbar button or the File - Quality Control.


Fred Capello
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Post by Fred Capello »

I recently installed DA 2.00 and I too have a problem with seeing the pressure tendency and the cloud symbols as well, when I plot SYNOPs. I do however see the present weather symbols in the station plots. I opened the Windows Character Map (Accessories->System Tools->Character Map) and in the WeatherSymbols list, I see the present weather and sky coverage (oktas) symbols. The other ones are missing here. Any suggestions what may be wrong here?

Dave Exton
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Post by Dave Exton »

Hi Fred,

This is an ongoing problem. I have to say that for the moment, I'm using the previous version of DA.

I became wise to the fonts problem a little while back. I resolved it by installing a previous version of DA, copying the fonts therein to a seperate file before saving that file. All I did then was to paste the saved fonts into the new DA directory. It has worked for me.

I have an idea that a lot of users are not interested in the cloud symbols, prefering to use a simpler staion plot. I think that this means that many users have missed the fault. I think Tim has tried to resolve the problem, but I'm not sure he's succeded as yet.

I'm sure he will in due course!

Dave Exton, UK.

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