Vista scripting for DA2

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Roy Leep
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Vista scripting for DA2

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I have had no difficulty with scripting on and XP machine with DA v1. Now, however I amd using DAv2 on Vista. Vista with it's "program applications" folder has really stumped me. My Vista machine is on a local network with two users and I have been unable to find the path to the data or maps. Data is downloading and appears to be ingesting but no current updates occur. I am wx3 and the administrator.

Below is a simple script revealing the headaches:

I finally put maps directly on the c: and I have tried this with data also with no good results.

Where is the problem? Is it the network, the users or what? I have explored various configurations over the past week with no results.

WOW give me XP every time!

If anyone cane help me out of this maze, I would be grateful



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