Having Problem with Scheduler

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Wood Ant
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Having Problem with Scheduler

Post by Wood Ant »

Hello All,

I am trying to run some scripts every hour, see below:

0010 Scripts\DOWNLOAD.dsf
0015 Scripts\SETTINGS.dsf
0016 Scripts\MULTI.dsf

0110 Scripts\DOWNLOAD.dsf
0115 Scripts\SETTINGS.dsf
0116 Scripts\MULTI.dsf
2310 Scripts\DOWNLOAD.dsf
2315 Scripts\SETTINGS.dsf
2316 Scripts\MULTI.dsf

And have turned Scheduler on, and leave DA v2.07 std, running for some hours, but nothing happens.

Does any one know what is wrong ??

Many Thanks


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Post by britbob »

Perhaps a paths issue. I try to keep my dsf files in the DA working directory, that way I never have any problems with the path. That way it would be:

0010 DOWNLOAD.dsf

Does the download dsf start? or does nothing run at all?

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