New NWS 8-Bit radar data

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Al Pietrycha
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New NWS 8-Bit radar data

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I get an error when trying to feed off the new NWS 8-Bit radar data - yes I change the .rad file to poll the new directory. By error I mean the data will not plot. ... /DS.p94r0/

Tim, what are you going to provide us legacy DAWS users in order to suck in the higher resolution data? I won't update to the latest Dig atmo version given my version [V1.1j3] has worked so darn well for my needs [if it ain't broke, don't fix it], and the posts of the newer software versions haven't been overly glowing these past two years. So what are all of us legacy users going to have to do in order to plot the new change to the NWS radar feed without being forced to upgrade to something (latest DAWS version) that may or may not work compared to works oh so well now? Can you develop the needed updated files that we can then download in order to read in the new NWS 8-bit data?



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