Equinox 2.09 Issues

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Equinox 2.09 Issues

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I'm not sure this is the right place to post this but it seems to be the ONLY place anyone is even reading and posting replies so here goes:

I've been a DA user since December 2001, and Pro users since Jan. 2006 so I've been around here a bit....during that time I've used a script to generate maps every three hours for various sections of the US with great sucess due to help I've received from users here to get it all right and working. Thank you all very much for you help.

Now the problems I have - mainly two:

1) In the earlier versions of DA it could use the Premium Radar service from Allison House which I pay for and use with GE Level 3 as well but I had also used with DA until it was broken by an Upgrade in 2005 and Tim has been saying it would be fixed in the next relesse since Nov. 2008...its still not there or working as far as I can tell....am I missing something does ANYONE have this working in Equinox 2.09??

2) The "No available Workchart" Bug...its been around since Day-1 as far as I can tell and they three file ZIP patch has worked so-so in the past until this last week or so...now even with a reinstall of 2.09 and the patch anytime I run from a Windows scheduler launched script I get the pop-up "No available Workchart". If I run by hand or execute the scheduler task manually with Run it works OK....usually...not 100% though....its been 10 YEARS can we please get a fix or a work-around that actually works? Saying that there is a limitation in proramming tools just doesn't cut it after 10 years.....I lost everything relating to the weekends storm outbreaks because I couldn't get scheduled events to run reliably....

Sorry to gripe but after this latest mess and the loss of data from the weekend I'm really PO'd here....any suggestions or thoughts are appreciated as to how to fix this ESPECIALLY #2.

George Kasica
Netwrx Consulting Inc.

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