Updated station file for DAWS

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Re: Updated station file for DAWS

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Wally wrote: Hmmm, I see them in the station file (same one I've been using with v.2.0x for some time). So, are they not plotting? Maybe they are not converting to digatmos.s** files when compiled for some reason. I'll need to try to plot to verify.
They just don't show up when they're plotted. The data's there, but the program acts as though it isn't. I've verified this against v2.09 numerous times. It's a bit of a mystery. Hopefully, Tim will address this at some point.

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Re: Updated station file for DAWS

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Is this using the original/default station tables upon installation, as or the "updated one" I've posted?

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Re: Updated station file for DAWS

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For those who just like to have the latest station file.

Latest updated station file for DA 2.xx and 3.xx

I decided to update digatmos.stn of 1.xx, and earlier, because I think it may be useful for plotting overlay station reference.

New stations since last update.
KEZZ Cameron MO
KL08 Borrego Valley
KTXW Weslaco*
KULS Ulysses KS
KXNX Gallatin TN (only needed update in surface.dat of version 1.xx)
K6S2 Florence OR
KMBT Murfreesboro TN

* Not new but with new ID. Will NOT plot unless you use this updated file.

Browse to
do download.
http://weatherroanoke.com/digatmos.stn for 1.xx - old version; you may have to do "save link as"

Find your directory at

C:\Users\YOUR USER ACCOUNT NAME\AppData\Local\DigitalAtmosphere
C:\Users\YOUR USER ACCOUNT NAME\AppData\Local\DigitalAtmosphere2017

Back up original, then overwrite or simply put in the directory.
If you can't find the original, you are not in the right directory.

Go to FILE, Station Tables, Import default LIL location Table
--ON NEW VERSION-- choose "restore default location tables"

My surface chart page:

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