Digital Atmosphere V3.08a released

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Digital Atmosphere V3.08a released

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Digital Atmosphere V3.08a has been released.

Standard Version --

Professional Version -- (login details are in your original registration email)

I have been making significant efforts to get updates moving again and to keep up on the forums at least weekly. This has been a longtime problem due to time pressures from other projects, books, e-mail, social media, the YouTube videos, etc. Even the master location identifier update took an entire week to complete, and this was an important part of the V3.08 release. However you all have been patient and I appreciate it, and I know for more urgent questions some of you have reached out over e-mail for support which is fine.

Complete summary of changes compared to V3.0 from January:

VERSION 2018 v3.08a
* Isolated and fixed a longtime bug in which a few stations were omitted during data import due to array bounding problems. Also fixed station indexes to separate out numbers (A..Z,#) to (0..9,A..Z). Added diagnostic dump function to check station table contents. Changed relevant parts of import1 and stntable units.
* Fixed bug in buoy import code to ingest all of the data portions
* Added bad buoy stations to DIGATMOS.RUL so SLPs don’t get plotted
* Increased Surface Radius in Preferences > Analysis from 100 to 2000 nm so that Barnes and Cressman work better in oceanic analyses (should be increased significantly when data sparse areas are in the analysis; increase Reduction to provide fine-scale data at same time if there are also stations close to each other)
* Added Auto Station Radius setting to Preferences > Analysis to support automatic handling of Weighted, Barnes, and Cressman at different zoom scales. If checked, the station radius will be treated as 20% of the mean window size, but actual station spacing may vary depending on the number of observations that were imported.
* Added a Station Radius Bias slider in the right lower side of the Analysis Preferences panel which lets the user adjust the Auto Station Radius by this percentage for all future calculations. Station radius is the radius around a gridpoint in which observations are accepted for that location; it may be subject to weighting and reduction (in which successive passes are made at progressively smaller radii down to zero). Setting it too high will produce sensitivity to high wavelengths with overly smoothed fields; setting it too low will produce sensitivity to low wavelengths with noisy fields.
* Added Copy To Clipboard to Data > Troubleshoot Data; allowed Ctrl+A selection.
* Updates to the PDF user manual.
* Other minor adjustments.
* Incorporated changes in unreleased V3.08 and V3.07 below.

* Full update of station tables, including many changes in Canada
* Eliminated a few random analysis

* Added Auto Aspect settings to Map > Generate Map > Height to size the aspect ratio for various paper sizes.

VERSION 2018 v3.06a
* Three text lines were set to visible = false; fixed this

VERSION 2018 v3.06
* Developed import routine for Digital Atmosphere Historical Data
* Added thorough debugging information to About form
* Removed time debugging from Preferences > Misc 1 and moved to About form
* Quality Control window has been resized to handle Aero controls without producing scrollbars.
TO DO -- Add checks to the time legend stamp, remove c:\sfc-packed directory and store data

* Increased line length limit of graphics commands (digatmos.mnu) from 255 to 9999 characters
- This will eliminate unpredictable results with complex commands that are cut off.
* Added anti-aliasing for Analysis isopleth lines equalling a width of 1.
* Added starter scripts to provide shading for moisture (need to buffer analysis grids to help them run faster).

* Removed diagnostic grid from cross section analysis


* Fixed default map not plotting elements in correct location.
* Toolbox color scheme adjusted from purples to blues.

* A few minor corrections before Denver conference release

VERSION 2018 v3.01
Early February 2018
* Reworked cross-section analysis. Added RH, lapse rate, in-plane winds, etc.

VERSION 2018 v3.00
January 2018
* Establishes update of Digital Atmosphere
* Fixes WSR-88D NEXRAD code changes

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