Balanced height field and sherics (Europe)

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Balanced height field and sherics (Europe)

Post by malcolmn »

I've had DA for a while but have only recently started using it again so I'm afraid some of my queries are going to be pretty basic. Sorry for that.

Firstly can anyone tell me what the balanced height field (m) is compared with the ordinary height field. I ask because I'm interested in the Arctic vortex so the 100mb level comes into play.

Secondly I cannot receive sferics (Europe) these days. No doubt there is a very good reason for this.

I have some other queries but they can wait.



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Re: Balanced height field and sherics (Europe)

Post by Peter »

Regarding spherics:

Like so many things in the UK over the past 10-12 years, they are no longer available without subscription, in other words you PAY, money (thank the last Government in the UK for that).

I understand they can be made available but you need to pay and be registered etc etc but not sure how you would go about doing that.

Regards Peter

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