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Re: Update problem

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malcolmn wrote:Sorry Chris misread that. Most of the stuff listed in the data retrieval window apart from some of the cyclone and hurricane boxes. Much as I do now with the Vi1. 1j3 version which has worked fine for years. Or do you want specifics? What is puzzling me slightly is that during the downlod process everything looks fine but obviously it's not going to a file. Not drawing the surface chart is another matter but actually is irrelevant until this is sorted.

EQUINOX V1.50 BETA 01-Feb-09
- The scheme for folders for Digital Atmosphere has been changed, making it
fully compatible with the User Account Control restrictions of Windows Vista.
No longer is all working content placed in a single Digital Atmosphere directory.
Instead it is placed in CSIDL_LOCAL_APPDATA, which under Vista is
C:\[User]\UserName\AppData\Local and in XP is
C:\Documents and Settings\[User]\Local Settings\Application Data.
Users wishing to tinker with Digital Atmosphere files will need to
look in this directory to make modifications. (12/18/08,2/1/09)

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