Trying to eliminate bad station - a SHIP

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Wally Mayo
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Trying to eliminate bad station - a SHIP

Post by Wally Mayo »

I'm trying to delete CGDS in the digatm.rul file. It's SLP data is really messing my my surface analyses. (Lake Erie area).
I've got the CGDA DEL ALL in the rule file (in the proper sequence), but it still plots. DEL SLP didn't work either.
I'm wondering if the that function only applies to regular stations as found in the station file, and not in the BUOY/SHIP handling. (It looks like a Coast Guard ship??).
Anyone have any ideas?

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Re: Trying to eliminate bad station - a SHIP

Post by ianp »

I've seen the same problem with SHIP data around Iceland and elsewhere in the North Atlantic. The rul file just doesn't work with them. I suspect you're right in that they're not fixed locations.

It would be useful to be able to limit the use of certain parameters if their value is outside reasonable limits - I've often seen unrealistic temperature data for example.

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Re: Trying to eliminate bad station - a SHIP

Post by lrdheat »

I've had the same problem as well. I also notice in addition that some ship observations are erroneously placed at -99.99 longitude, and also result in bullseye isolines. The only recourse is to manually delete the bad stations by use of the quality control function each time a map is plotted. Rather a pain, but at least it's available! After one does this a few times, it's easy to find the stations using the curser and quality control to delete the bad data before drawing the isolines.

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Re: Trying to eliminate bad station - a SHIP

Post by LaurierWilliams »

But unfortunately not possible if you're producing hundreds of charts 24/7!

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