1.0e problems (plus comments)

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1.0e problems (plus comments)

Post by jrader »

one of these you know of others I'm not sure.

The errors I've noticed so far are thus:
1) inflate error on radar data from COD (I beleive you are working on this one)
2) get range check error if picking over 20 radar sights and then ploting base reflectivity via menu.
3) sporadic range check error when ploting fronts from menu (retreived from albany)
4) sporadic range check error when error retriving data (via menu)
5) (added) I am also no longer can create more than one worksheet.
6) (added) sporadic I/O error 32 when error retriving data (via menu)
7) (added) the diaglog box for plotting radar data does not always go away and it can not be closed but it will get out of the way and allow for other work to be done.
8) (added) inflate error for radar data prevents display of radar data not yet processed when pulling data for multiple radar sites. (it does not go on and process the rest of the data)

Things I've noticed that are not bugs but would like update on:
ar you going to automate internet retrival?
are you going to add streamlines back as an option?

I don't know if anyone else cares but when I plot multiple radar sites and I get a mixed mode display, I find that the clear weather plots dirty up the display.

Otherwise, I just wanted to say thanks for working on such a great product.

God Bless,

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