GRIB import error

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GRIB import error

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Hi Tim,

I was on the Statistical Modelling Branch's page today, and decided to try importing a MOS GRIB file into DAWS. I got a GRIB file from the following website: ... .20040411/

and booted DAWS. I clicked "Import," found the file, and selected it. The following was displayed in the status window:

» Importing GRIB data...

My computer spent about a minute "importing" the data and reading its hard drive off and on after which the following error was displayed:

Digital Atmosphere encountered an error: I/O error 103

and the status window registered:

» Creating GRIB vector fields...

at about the same time that the error popped up.

The file I tried to import had a ".bin" extenion instead of a ".grb" extension, but I thought that it was supposed to be a GRIB file. It wasn't a very large file either (1.43 MB).


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