DA is perfectly compatbile with Linux....screenshot

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DA is perfectly compatbile with Linux....screenshot

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Just FYI....for those who were wondering on whether or not DA 2.07 works via Linux. The answer; yes. Several years ago I tried to get it to work with 100 percent compatibility and was not successful, however, I finally got it to work perfectly via Mageia Linux using Codeweavers Crossover ( Versions 10 + )....a beefed up Windows/Mac emulator that enhances the GNU version of Wine.

The Mac version has been compatible for sometime, however, the PC version of DA was not 100 percent. I have officially listed DA 2.07 as being 100 percent compatible and will upload screenshots and all the relative info shortly.

Here is a screenshot running via Mageia Linux 64 bit using KDE 4.8.2.


Have fun....


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