A few observations

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A few observations

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I continue to be impressed with DAWS but offer a couple of observations from my XP Home 1.4G AMD Athlon with DAWS V1.0F:

1. Erase Map seems to work fine on the main map on any number of layers.
2. If I load an alternative base map when I "erase map" it reverts to the original map.
3. Whenever I load a layer I get a small square box character in the bottom LH corner next to the layer description
4. When generating a map by location the UK is listed between Georgia (Country) and Gabon for some reason - could you resort the list of geographic locations?
5. When generating a sounding plot, the station is recognised but only a small fraction of the plot appears, in what seems to be the top LH corner of the display - whilst T P AD AW all appear the T and TD sounding data is not visible.
6. There has been much discussion on the size of plots but having adjusted the font to Arial 8pt I am generally content. However as a forecaster interested in maritime meteorology I find the single definition of plot density limits me. It would be useful if bouys and ships could be plotted at a different density to terrestrial observations. Even with plot density set to 100% I rarely experience over-write of sea based observations when needless to say metars and synops are unreadable. To use the default 80% seems reasonable over land but this denies the maritime forecaster a considerable amount of valuable data.
7. The European Sferics are excellent but the "%1" notation still seems to fail for me.
Thanks again - hope this is of use.

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