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Won't close and CPU usage
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Author:  Wally Mayo [ Mon May 10, 2004 11:28 am ]
Post subject:  Won't close and CPU usage

I notice that after some scripts run, DAWS won't close when you click on the close box or on EXIT in the menu. If you repeated hit the close function you can see a small box flashing in the center of the screen, like some dialog or info box, but it doesn't appear for more than a split second. Task manager shows CPU usage now continuous at 50% of CPU, instead of 01 or so while "idleing" otherwise.
When the "not closing" symptom happens, ANY other action - like the erase button - WILL then close it (after close is first tried), .

This is the fairly simple script which causes effects described above:
product,plf,0,surface plots

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