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Ver 3.10 (Pro) **BUG REPORT** Wind Streamlines is broken

Posted: Fri Feb 01, 2019 4:58 pm
by mpreece
Neither works for me from menu nor direct script command. I reverted to 3.08a and both function fine.

Re: Ver 3.10 (Pro) **BUG REPORT** Wind Streamlines is broken

Posted: Fri Feb 01, 2019 8:04 pm
by Tim Vasquez
Thanks, fixed it. I plan to upload V3.10a this evening. There are also a couple of other changes, one of which fixes a new floating point error that appears in upper air map plots.

Summary of changes so far including the new update are:

DA5 2019 V3.10a / 2/1/2019
* Contour > Wind > Streamline: Removed temporary block on code that was accidentally left in place.
* General debugging: Added code to prevent infinite loop (program hang) while drawing antialiased lines.
* Registry: Adjusted code to cease using registry key DigAtmEquinox for miscellaneous data; uses main registry path now.
* Station Identifiers: Edited code to provide proper processing of ICAO identifiers with a number in the second position (K1A5, etc).
* Historical Data: Modified File > Historical Data to use install location supplied by the new Historical Archives installer,
and gives user a method of manually selecting the dataset location (which can now be installed anywhere).
* Historical Data: Added code to plot Historical Data date on bottom right of workchart.
* Station plots: Sky condition of -9999 (missing) is now plotted with crosshair symbol.

DA5 2019 V3.10 / 1/30/2019 or later
* Updated data sources (digatmos.urx) to remove old sources and add WeatherGraphics data server.
* Updated station plot wind barbs to use antialiased lines. The station circle has not been
changed yet.
* Added code to prevent infinite loop (program hang) while drawing antialiased lines.
* More debugging work and bug fixes forthcoming in February.

DA5 2018 V3.09 / 10/8/2018 or later
* Anti-aliased isoplething added throughout the analysis module.
* Set variable (non-integer) analysis contour widths; changed SLP contours to 1.5px wide.
* Added 8100px planetary map to /planetary directory; set default topographic directory to planetary directory.
* Enabled Data > Set Comment; documented in manual.
* Enabled launching of User Manual in Help > About. Deprecated the CHM help and removed it from the installer.
* Rearranged some menu items.
* Extensive changes to the User Manual. Developed a couple of new sections including the planetary map section.

2018 v3.08a / 9/20/2018
* Isolated and fixed a longtime bug in which a few stations were omitted during data import
due to array bounding problems. Also fixed station indexes to separate out numbers
(A..Z,#) to (0..9,A..Z). Added diagnostic dump function to check station table contents.
Changed relevant parts of import1 and stntable units.
* Fixed bug in buoy import code to ingest all of the data portions
* Added bad buoy stations to DIGATMOS.RUL so SLPs don't get plotted
* Increased Surface Radius in Preferences > Analysis from 100 to 2000 nm so that
Barnes and Cressman work better in oceanic analyses (should be increased
significantly when data sparse areas are in the analysis; increase
Reduction to provide fine-scale data at same time if there are
also stations close to each other)
* Added Auto Station Radius setting to Preferences > Analysis to support
automatic handling of Weighted, Barnes, and Cressman at different zoom scales.
If checked, the station radius will be treated as 20% of the mean window size, but
actual station spacing may vary depending on the number of observations that were imported.
* Added a Station Radius Bias slider in the right lower side of the
Analysis Preferences panel which lets the user adjust the Auto Station Radius by
this percentage for all future calculations. Station radius is the radius around
a gridpoint in which observations are accepted for that location; it may be
subject to weighting and reduction (in which successive passes are made at
progressively smaller radii down to zero). Setting it too high will produce
sensitivity to high wavelengths with overly smoothed fields; setting it too low
will produce sensitivity to low wavelengths with noisy fields.
* Added Copy To Clipboard to Troubleshoot Data; allowed Ctrl+A selection.

Re: Ver 3.10 (Pro) **BUG REPORT** Wind Streamlines is broken

Posted: Fri Feb 01, 2019 11:52 pm
by mpreece
Thank you, Tim! That fixed it right up