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Information on upcoming version (V3.11)

This is the place to get help with Digital Atmosphere, suggest improvements, and get tips.
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Tim Vasquez
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Information on upcoming version (V3.11)

Post by Tim Vasquez »

Here is what will be coming with the new release (V3.11), expected anytime between tomorrow and the end of the month.

A fix for https:// (SSL/TLS) data URLs the absolute highest priority right now, and my goal is to have the next update include this support. I have already subcontracted out this work and am just waiting on deliverables. If this work is completed as planned, this release will be titled V3.2 instead of V3.11.


V3.11, preliminary

* Handling of buoy handling improved, better integration with SYNOP data. In order to do this, the QUEUE.SYN and
OUTPUT.SYN data structures had to be changed. All WMO numbers as viewed in QC are now prefixed with "W-",
all ship synoptic with "S-", and buoy data with "B-". Unnamed buoys are assigned a temporary numerical
station name based on their coordinates.

* The DIGATMOS.RUL file has been adjusted to allow the new prefixed SYNOP/SHIP/BUOY station names, which are longer.
Numerical stations are always assumed to be WMO stations; ship and buoy stations must use the prefixes above.
Columns are no longer locked to fixed positions and are purely space-delimited now.

* Removed two bad buoy stations in the Barrow, Alaska area by editing the DIGATMOS.RUL file.

* Updated identifier database to 2/10/2019 (WMO, ICAO, and FAA)

* Fixed missing hint text for speed buttons (appears when user hovers over them with mouse).

* SFUK30 and SFUK31 lightning data source was removed from Data > Retrieve Data. This Met Office system was terminated in 2008.
If anyone has different information or is aware of the data being in another location, please let me know.

* Fixed station tables to correct Canadian stations 71641 and 71098 (changed within Environment Canada but not
published with WMO).

* Added MADIS mirror source to Data > Retrieve Data panel.

* Adds line breaks in Software Update message to make dialog more readable; allows line breaks to be added to update message.

* Added DENSITY scripting command. This controls the Data Plot Crowding slider bar.
Usage is DENSITY,position where position equals 0, all the way left (sparse) to 100, all the way right (plot all data).

* Plaintext MADIS processing has been optimized to work faster. [Using arrays based on station ID's first letter].

* Antarctic data: Legacy support for SSEC Antarctic data in DIGATMOS.URX has been deleted since the URL
( is gone and the file-by-file loop is no longer required. The data
appears to be mirrored at ... .DD.HZ.txt
however this is a new non-standard table, and an ingest algorithm needs to be written.
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