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Television Plots

Posted: Sat Jun 26, 2004 10:54 pm
by Peter Bartlett

Can you confirm whether the TV Plot facility is working is working in DAWS V1.0L?.

I have checked the digatmos.pll file and edited where required, and the data is the same as in DA 2000. In DA 2000 all I have to do is select TV Plots and the city names and temperatures appear.

I have downloaded both Synop & Metar data from Albany and on all occassions no information has been overlayed to screen except in the bottom left hand corner it says:-

"SFC Sea Level Pressure (MB)"
"Digital Atmosphere"

This is using various map overlays from the "Generate Base Map"

I am using DAWS V1.0L, Win 98, Pentium4, 511mb ram

The first two lines from Diagatmos.PLL are:

EGRW 03354 Nottingham
EGLL 03772 London

Are there any other setting I have to make or change to enable this to work, or is there a problem.