Future enhancements

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Future enhancements

Post by rosmanson »

Any talk of adding satellite images? Also, any looping capability in the future for radar, analysis, etc?

Tim Vasquez
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Post by Tim Vasquez »

A looping module has been developed and finalized but I am not adding it until all the other components are "stabilized".

For satellite images, there is a facility for importing images (Map > Import Map) but you would have had to align the satellite image and Digital Atmosphere image in advance. The main problem is Digital Atmosphere has no way of figuring out the projection, scale, and offsets when it gets an image. There's really no practical way to do this... it's like loading an image of a car into Photoshop and asking it to guess what make & model the car is. But if anyone has any ideas I'm all ears.


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Post by Fred »

See also "cloud cover images as background image" june 15. At the moment I cannot test this because the import function fails.


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