Bug with Retrieve list item not deleting

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Tim Vasquez
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Bug with Retrieve list item not deleting

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Regarding the delete URL, I still cannot duplicate this problem and don't have enough info to go off of. It works fine on my machine.

Here is what happens when Delete is pressed. The file digatmos.url is opened, and read line by line. If column 1 is '*' or '%' then the line is written out verbatim to scratch file digatmos.ur0. Otherwise the line is written to digatmos.ur0 unless it matches a list index showing it is selected for deletion. Once this is completed the files are closed, then digatmos.ur0 is copied onto digatmos.url. So one thing to do is check digatmos.ur0 to see if the item got deleted from there or not. If there's a mismatch between the two files then that suggests the file copy was not done properly. Also check to make sure the item you are deleting does not have * or % in column 1 in digatmos.url, for whatever reason.

I have added code to V1.0q to detect if no file is selected, in which case a warning message will appear. This may help narrow down this problem.


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