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Digital Atmosphere Workstation Patch V1.0q is now available at:

NOTE: After installing and running Digital Atmosphere, make certain it shows V1.0q in the top bar or in Help > About. If you don't see V1.0q, you don't have the patch installed. I am not sure what caused the problems with the last patch (didn't see enough detail on the problem) but hopefully the problem will not be back this time.

Changes from V1.0p to V1.0q (7/11/04)

* FILE CHANGES: digatmos.urx added

* MAP POINTS: Added code to allow decimal lat/longs to be used in addition to DDMMSS format (see docs).

* TIME ZONE: Time Zone now works properly on a few machines tht had problems. Solution was Windows API TimeZone=0 was not accounted for in TimeValue function.

* HEIGHT ANALYSIS: Fixed problem with wrong heights being assigned for stations at 850, 700 mb and other levels. This was the result of an error in the HHH = height conversion routine in the Radiosonde import module caused when I was fixing another problem.

* ANALYSIS: Digital Atmosphere will now provide an appropriate default contour interval for the millibar level selected (30 m for 1000-700 mb; 60 m for 500-400 mb; 120 m for <300 mb).

* ANALYSIS MENU (DIGATMOS.MNU). Removed CINT=60 from Height analysis since Digital Atmosphere now determines this automatically to provide standard contour intervals depending on the level. You can still override it with CINT= but there is no need to do so in the default menu builds.

* TELEVISION PLOTS: Restored all functionality (module was locked out).

* FIXED DOCUMENTATION relating to MXMN, HILO, DVCV, PLMN, and related contours... no distinction was made between any of them.

* PLMN GRAPHICS SCRIPT. Fixed inability of program to plot - and + with PLMN, PLLD, and MNND command.

* TOOLBAR SLP/DEGC/DEGF SHORTCUT BUTTONS. These are now linked to %1, %2, and %3 markers in digatmos.mnu so that the user may customize the behavior.

* DIGATMOS.MNU. This file is changed to add the %1, %2, and %3 markers for the toolbar buttons.

* SYNOPTIC IMPORT. Automated SYNOP stations (reporting Ix of 4-7) now properly use a WMO WaWa weather code crossreference table, which will prevent incorrect weather types from plotting.

* COMMAND LINE SCRIPT. The input box was only accepting the first 50 or 70 characters causing commands to be truncated. This has been fixed by expanding it to 255 characters.

* ANALYSIS ISOPLETH LABELS now use the 'iso' setting in the Style file (the color will always be an inverse color).

* FRONTAL ANALYSIS ISOPLETH will use the 'width' setting from 'iso' in the Style file rather than defaulting to 3.

* CHANGED INTERNET RESOURCES FILE to digatmos.urx (deprecating digatmos.url).