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Digital Atmosphere V0.41 (test) released)
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Author:  Tim Vasquez [ Wed Dec 10, 2003 3:07 am ]
Post subject:  Digital Atmosphere V0.41 (test) released)

A new Digital Atmosphere test version patch has been released:


These are the main changes:


- Adds Fleetcode support. Fleetcode can be imported as part of any data capture or import. Plotting options are located under Data > Plot Fleetcode. Line colors, widths, and font settings that will be output on the chart are taken directly from the style file corresponding to the chart, namely:
    -- frc,frt,frw,fro (Fronts) Color and line width used for fronts and pressure troughs
    -- low,hgh (Lows and highs) Color, font size, and font name for plotting H and L symbols
    -- iso (General Isopleths/Labels) Color, line width, and font settings are used for fleetcode isopleths and labels

This is a FM 45-IV implementation, and support is only provided for 99900 (pressure), 99911 (front), and 99922 (isopleth) fields, as Bracknell does not seem to use the ten other field types that are specified and I don't want to code this if nobody is using it. Because of the ambiguity in the YYYYY position specifications. the program is hardcoded to use the Western hemisphere if k (of LaLaLoLok) is 5-9 and Eastern otherwise. This scheme could vary in different weather centres and could be a source of trouble for DA. Also DA has not been tested with FM 46-IV IAC or any complex forms of either code format (really as I don't know of other sources).

* Adds eight new styles to all style settings. These are frc, frw, fro, frs, frt, low, hgh, and iso. Users who don't allow the new style files to be installed will not have control over Fleetcode colors and line settings.

* Adds Troubleshoot menu under Data > Troubleshoot. This shows all internal files used for data storage and allows them to be viewed.

Tim Vasquez

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